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Facebook gives you the opportunity to show or hide and forbid your fanpage to whole counties. The reason behind this feature is quite simple. If you wish to talk about a topic and share your experience among a group of users scattered around the world then you best bet is top open a Facebook fanpage. The down-side of this special page is that it will be visible everywhere. If the topic discussed in your fanpage is forbidden or tabu in a certain country a lot of Facebook users might protest and be scandalized by what you talk. That’s why, in order to respect every culture, Facebook has decided to give you the power to hide and forbid what you talk about, your topics and your “hot” comments to any country you want!

Step1: Login to your Facebook account & open your page.

Step2: Click on “Edit page” button in upper right corner. Then click "Manage Permissions". 

Step3: Type the name of the countries you wish to hide/show & then choose whether you want the page to be visible to or hidden from people in the listed countries.

Step4: After enters countries list, finally click on Save changes button.

Your Facebook Fan page will be hide or visible in listed countries. :)

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