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Do you want to change existing display name of your Facebook account? Many users tend to goofup with name field and want to change display name of their Facebook account. Thankfully, Facebook does have option to change the display name. 

Step 1: Go to Facebook Account & login your account.

Step 2: Then click the little upside triangle arrow at the top right.

Step 3: Click Account Settings.

Step 4: Select first option on the top where you see your name (make sure on the left side you are under the General Settings tab which should be pulled up on default).

Step 5: Then click ‘Edit’ button next to your displayed name at the top. Then click to type and update your First name, Middle name and Last name for display on the Facebook profile.
You can also update and add ‘Alternative name’ to your Facebook profile. Like you can display nickname or maiden name for easier dicovery by friend who know you by nickname instead of full name. 

Step 6: Once you make changes to your Name details, Click Save Changes button to submit new information.

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